Laser Treatment for Mobile/Loose Teeth or Shaking Teeth

Some causes of loose teeth in adults are harmless. Others require the care of a dental professional to save the tooth, remove it, or replace it with an implant or bridge.

What are the causes for Loose Teeth?

The most common causes for loose teeth or mobile teeth are- 

  • Gum diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Injuries to the teeth
  • Osteoporosis
mobile tooth

Can mobile teeth or loose teeth be saved?

The great news is YES!! The loose teeth can almost always be saved if detected and treated in time.

Why is it important to save your permanent tooth?

  • To give you more confidence in the strength of your smile and teeth
  • To help prevent tooth loss, which can then require extensive, expensive dental care in the future
  • To make eating and talking much easier and, in some cases, less painful
  • To prevent systemic issues that may be caused or exacerbated by a tooth and or gum infection

Treatment for Loose Teeth

  • Scaling and root planning. This is a type of deep cleaning procedure that can treat and help to reverse gum disease.
  • Medications or mouth rinses. These can help infected gums to heal and combat bacteria in the mouth.
  • Surgery. The aim will be to remove inflamed gum tissue and bone that has been damaged by gum disease.
  • Bone grafts. These can help to rebuild bone lost to gum disease.
  • Soft tissue grafts. Also known as gum grafts, these can prevent further gum or tooth loss in people with gum disease.
  • Dental appliances, such as bite splints. These can reduce damage from grinding and may help the mouth to heal after dental surgery.
  • Treatment for diabetes. Appropriate treatment is important for dental health.
  • A dental bridge. This type of crown fits over the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The result is a bridge between two healthy teeth, connected by a prosthetic, or artificial, tooth in the place of the one that is missing.

A dental implant. This involves an artificial tooth and root, which is connected to the jawbone.

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