Laser treatment for Oral Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia is the formation of whitish thick patch seen anywhere inside the mouth. These are pre-cancerous lesion of oral cavity induced due to the habit history of tobacco and other malicious abuse.

When to see a specialist

• White plaques or sores in your mouth that don’t heal on their own within two weeks
• Lumps or white, red, or dark patches in your mouth
• Persistent changes in the tissues of your mouth
• Ear pain when swallowing
• Progressive reduction in the ability to open your jaw


Why Laser for Leukoplakia

In the usual course, the patients diagnosed with leukoplakia undergo medicine regime for months and years to come. When surgically removed using Laser, you can get rid of this pre-cancerous lesion and all the medicines very early and easily. Advantages of using Laser over conventional surgery remains the same like lesser need of injections, lesser bleeding during the process, lesser post-operative pain, swelling and discomfort with minimum use of antibiotics and painkiller. Also, the wound healing process after laser surgery remains satisfactory for both patient and doctor.

Causes & Risk Factors of Leukoplakia.

If you use tobacco, especially smokeless tobacco, you’re at a significantly higher risk of developing leukoplakia and malignant oral growths. Long-term consumption of liquor can also raise your risk of oral disease but more so if you drink them in combination with tobacco products.

Why Dr. Sana Farista?

Since the lesion holds the chances of being malignant/cancerous, Diagnosis/Biopsy is super essential. Here at Dr Sana Farista’s Clinic the Conventional or the Laser Biopsy (Cutting/removing the chunk of tissue) is replaced with a non-invasive, no cutting and scanning form of Biopsy – Velscopic Diagnosis. This newer form of biopsy is very comfortable and convenient.

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