Laser Smile Makeover

Do you get nervous when you smile in public? Are you avoiding the camera or smiling awkwardly??  Wait we have a solution.

A smile where too much of gums are visible under the upper lip is a Gummy Smile & A smile where too much of tooth is displayed with no display of gums under the upper lip is a Toothy Smile

Anything in excess is bad. Neither the TOOTHY smile nor the GUMMY smile is an aesthetic or a pleasant smile. The teeth and the gums should follow the rule of golden proportion display for an aesthetic/beautiful smile.

We offer the latest Laser technology to treat that gummy smile so you can have that confident, beautiful smile again!

Why Laser Smile Makeover?


Laser Smile Makeover

Normal Smile Makeover


No Injection/ Anesthesia

Anesthesia Required


No bleeding 

Bleeding during surgery


No antibiotics given to patients

Antibiotics is needed


Painless procedure

Painful after surgery


Painkiller is advised on emergency basis 

Painkiller becomes essential


No swelling after the procedure

Swelling is present after surgery


No stitches/suture placed

Stitches/sutures are placed


No additional visit needed for suture removal

Additional visit is required after 7-10 days for suture removal


Go back to your work from the next day of treatment

Patient find it difficult to go to work for 2-3 days

Mouth with a high smile line or gummy smile before and after the orthotropics, orthotropics or botox injections correction. Vector illustration

Say “Hello” to a brighter, healthier, and more confident you! Call Dr. Sana Farista for an appointment today, as she offers superb professional dental care in a comfortable environment.

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