Laser treatment for wisdom tooth pain

Do you know your wisdom tooth is a vestigial organ in your body?

Yes, wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that we develop during our lifetime. They are considered a vestigial organ because they do not perform any specific function just like the organ appendix in the human body. If they give you pain, they have to be removed and if they do not give trouble they could just simply be there just like appendix.


Wisdom teeth are often said to cause a lot of issues, including:

  • Painful teeth and gums
  • Difficulty in swallowing and opening mouth   
  • Occasional fever
  • Gums having pus
  • Swelling of gums around the wisdom tooth
  • Pain in the entire jaw radiating towards the ear, head and throat as well

Treatment options – There are two options using lasers –

  • Removing the skin/soft tissue layer covering the wisdom tooth so that they are exposed in the mouth and hence get an unobstructed way to further erupt in the oral cavity. This procedure is called as Operculectomy with Lasers. Since laser is used for the procedure hence there will be no bleeding, very little pain, swelling and discomfort and very lesser need of anesthesia
  • Other is to remove the tooth using Lasers where the pain, swelling, discomfort is almost 50% less than the conventional tooth removing technique

Choosing the right dentist

Dr. Sana Farista is the right choice for your treatment. She has been using lasers since over a decade and has been teaching the use of lasers to dentists around the world. visit us for Laser assisted pain free dentistry.