Laser Treatment for Failing implants or periimplantitis

Sign and Symptoms –
• Swelling or bleeding or pus in the area of your dental implant.
• An implant that feels loose
• Soreness or pain while chewing
• Gum recession around your implant
• Your dental hygienist will probably check your implants when you go for cleanings, and can help identify problems early.

Use of Lasers in the Treatment of Failing Dental Implants

Peri-implant health/disease status: (a) Peri-implant health; (b) Peri-implant mucositis; (c) Peri-implantitis.

LAPIP stands for laser assisted Peri-implantitis procedure. The laser light targets the area where the normal instruments cant reach also laser treatment avoids the need of surgery fast and effective way to save your expensive implant.

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