What is Oral Submucous Fibrosis – OSMF (Restricted Mouth opening)?

Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSMF/Restricted Mouth Opening) is a condition caused due to chewing of areca nut/betel nut (Supari). In this condition the cheeks become stiff and slowly the tongue movements are also restricted after unchecked period of time. 

This is dangerous because it is a precancerous condition i.e. a stage before cancer and can be converted to cancer anytime. Hence, needs attention, early and careful diagnosis followed by appropriate personalized advanced treatment regime.

Symptoms of OSMF

  • Inability to open mouth/restricted mouth opening
  • Burning sensation in the mouth upon consumption of spicy foodstuffs
  • Painful Ulcer and sores
  • Change of taste
  • Sometimes Dry mouth

Line of Treatment

  • OSMF has different stages. It can range from mild, moderate, and severe and so the treatment could differ from patient to patient. 
  • If treated at the early stage, it’s curable.

Laser Treatment and OSMF

Laser Treatment is the best and latest line of treatment for OSMF. It is minimally invasive. Immediately after the laser treatment, you will notice a significant increase in mouth opening.

Why Dr. Sana Farista

She has come up with her own technique for the treatment of OSMF with Lasers which is internationally accepted, published the research work, and lots of success stories.

Here with this technology, there is no cutting or removing the tissue, no pain, no injection. There will be a scan that will diagnose whether the area is treatable (pre-cancerous) or not (cancerous). This is a form of digital biopsy, a tech-savvy dentistry. 

Dr. Sana Farista’s research article linked below

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